What is the cost of Super Runio?

The standard cost starts at $35,000 to $40,000 USD. Further pricing details can be obtained through Funlandia representatives. 

Is Super Runio safe?

Absolutely! Super Runio is designed in compliance with the highest safety standards, meeting both North American (ASTM F1918) and European (EN) safety/quality regulations.

What materials are used for this attraction?

We utilize industrial-grade motors, electrical systems, and our in-house developed industrial-quality control boards to guarantee system reliability. For safety and comfort, our products are covered with soft padded materials, PVC Vinyl fabric, and include an Airbag for safe landings

What is the ideal age group for Super Runio?

It’s suitable for kids aged 5-12 for the Children version. The teenage version is ideal for 10-25 years old

What are the Game Modes and their player capacity?

  • Organized Mode: Players can play and race one by one, in pairs, or as a group, competing to complete the course as quickly as possible from start to finish. An estimate of 50-80 players per hour can play on Organized Play Mode.
  • Free Mode: All obstacles are activated, allowing multiple players (up to 10-20 players max) to freely engage with the course simultaneously.

What is the minimum space requirement?

For an optimal Super Runio experience, you should allocate a space of at least 60 sqm with a clear height of 3.7m. The layout should have a minimum width of 6m and a length of 9m.

Can it be customized?

Yes, Super Runio offers customization options for appearance, minor size adjustments, and the integration of non-motorized play elements (if available).

Can the motorized obstacles be changed?

The motor programming system for powered obstacles is not customizable. While the powered obstacles can be removed, the sequence of their operation cannot be changed.

Does Super Runio come with a warranty?

Like all Funlandia products, Super Runio is covered by a comprehensive 12-month warranty.

How often does Super Runio require maintenance?

Weekly maintenance includes motor lubrication and bolt/nut checks. An ordinary electrician or handyman can perform basic servicing following our guidelines.

What is the electric consumption of Super Runio?

Super Runio’s standard Model A unit consumes a peak of 1KW of electricity. We recommend planning for a provision of 5KW when wiring or reserving power capacity.